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Specialist Training Materials

Scope & Sequence  
Unit 1: Mission Briefing and Application Process
Lesson Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3
Topic Getting Acquainted Application 1 Application 2
Activity 20 min. Students read articles
20 min. Guided discussion
10 min. Review Personal Essay
35 min. Part One and Two of Class Activity
10 min. Review Personal Essay
35 min. Part Three and Four of Class Activity
Teacher Preparation Start gathering materials for Sheer Magnetism exploration and power hands-ons Print application materials  
Homework Read:
Apply Today,
Personal Essay,
Class Activity: Space Station Systems,
Mission Patch (Optional),
Acceptance Letter Request
First draft of Personal Essay,
(Optional) Class Activity: Complete Parts One and Two at home
Specialist Training: Specialist Orientation,
Here Comes the Sun,
Inside the Atom,
for Space Station Stumper quiz
Assessment   Personal Essay,
Class Activity
Personal Essay,
Class Activity
Unit 2: Space Weather
Lesson Lesson 4 Lesson 5 Lesson 6
Topic Space Weather 1 Space Weather 2 Space Weather 3
Activity 15 min. Space Station Stumpers
25 min. Sheer Magnetism
15 Min. Conclude Sheer Magnetism
30 Min. Article Review
10 Min. Complete Article Review activity
30 Min. Teacher presentation/ discussion
Teacher Preparation Prepare quiz
Prepare hands-on
Prepare hands-on
Prepare for Article Review
Prepare teacher presentation,
Start preparation of hands on exploration for next lesson
Homework Read:
Dr.Z : Inside the Sun
Prepare for Article Review activity
Sheer Magnetism: Closure questions
New Frontiers, New Dangers,
Electromagnetic Radiation: Friend and Foe,
Mission Specialist Log entry
The Human Recipe
In the Kitchen with Poly
Measuring Exposure to Radiation
to answer questions on Radiation Health readings.
Assessment Station Stumpers quiz Sheer Magnetism closure questions
Article Review
Mission Specialist's Log
Unit 3: Radiation Health
Lesson Lesson 7 Lesson 8
Topic Radiation Health 1 Radiation Health 2
Activity 45 Min. Hands-on exploration 45 Min. Article Review activity (10 Min. Prep time, 35 Min. reports)
Teacher Preparation Prepare hands-on Prepare for Article Review
Homework Read ONE of:
New Frontiers, New Dangers,
Electromagnetic Radiation: Friend and Foe,
The Human Recipe,
In the Kitchen with Poly,
Measuring Exposure to Radiation
Energy Supply Problem,
Rechargeable Batteries,

Mission Specialist Log entry.
Assessment Closure questions from hands on exploration Article Review
Mission Specialist's Log
Unit 4: Power Systems
Lesson Lesson 9 Lesson 10 Lesson 11
Topic Power Systems 1 Power Systems 2 Power Systems 3
Activity 20 Min. Space Station Stumpers quiz
20 Min. Organize for explorations
20 Min. Debrief Practice Exercise
20 Min. Electricity explorations
20 Min. Reports and discussion
25 Min. Teacher presentation
Teacher Preparation Prepare Quiz
Print out Practice Exercise
Set up hands-on explorations
Set up hands-on explorations Prepare teacher presentation
Homework Complete:
Practice Exercise: Power on the Space Station
How I Discovered Air
for presentation
Closure questions
How I Discovered Air,
A Weighty Discovery,
Living in a Bubble,
Breathing on the Space Station

Mission Specialist's Log entry
Assessment Station Stumpers quiz Practice Exercise
Mission Specialist's Log
Closure questions from hands on exploration
Class report questions
Unit 5: Life Support
Lesson Lesson 12
Topic Life Support
Activity 35 Min. Article Review activity
10 Min. Homework preparation
Teacher Preparation Prepare Article Review activity
Print team prep materials
Gather calculators, pens, markers, etc.
Homework Complete:
Mission Specialist's Log entry
team packet,
Pre-Mission Preparation: Overview of Teams
Mission Directives
Assessment Article Review
Mission Specialist's Log
Unit 6: Pre-Mission Prep
Lesson Lesson 13 Lesson 14
Topic Pre-Mission Prep 1 Pre-Mission Prep 2
Activity 25 Min. Teacher-led overview of calculations
15 Min. Team prep work
25 Min. Data processing "race"
20 Min. Team reports
Teacher Preparation Print practice tables,
Get ready for the Mission
Set up room for the Mission
Homework Work:
Practice Data
All materials
Assessment   Practice Data for "Race"
Complete practice Data Tracking Sheets
Unit 7: Mission
Lesson Lesson 15
Topic Mission
Activity 90 Min. Run mission
Teacher Preparation Set up room for the Mission

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