Class Activity: Space Station Systems

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(The following should be read to the class by one student.)
We must complete this assignment in two science classes, using no more than 75 minutes. Solving this problem demonstrates that we can follow instructions, organize our work, and work together quickly and effectively.
Our assignment as a class is to create a single chart, called the Space Station Systems Chart, with five columns of organized information.

At this time, look over the two sheets with the five columns. Note parts one through four which are shaded in grey, and the times associated with each.

Before we begin the assignment, someone must be assigned to keep track of the time. The Time Keeper must keep everyone aware of how much time we have left to complete each column. The suggested times add up to 60 minutes. That leaves 15 minutes to spare for getting organized in between each part. We should try to finish each part quickly. At the end of 75 minutes we must stop all work.

If this is completed over two class periods, we can work on our lists of ideas between classes. We do not require you to use outside resources, but you may if you choose to. If anyone uses any outside resources to find ideas, they should write them down. A list of resources that anyone uses must be attached to our chart.

When we are finished, our teacher will write the total time we took to finish this job at the top of our Chart and send it, with our Personal Essays to the Mission Control staff at the Challenger Learning Center.



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