Personal Essay

Describe an Accomplishment of Yours
Each student in your class should write a short essay, five to seven sentences long, that describes a personal accomplishment. This paragraph will have the title "Personal Essay of _____(your name)____." Your statement will demonstrate that you can focus on and complete a project, whether simple or complicated, short or long term, something you did, or still do.

You may describe something you know how to do, and have done well on at least one occasion. Any job, task, or hobby you can do or have learned to do qualifies. It may be a chore at school or at home, or something you learned to do while on vacation. It may be an athletic skill you are learning, or your ability to work with a tool. It may be something you have learned how to fix, to cook, part of a hobby, a game you have learned, or something you do well with numbers or with words.

What you choose to write about does not have to deal with school. It may be something that no other student in your class knows about you. Hopefully, you will like doing what you describe, but that is not a requirement.

The reader, when finished reading your essay, should know the important details (what, where, when, why, and how) and what makes your strengths important.

Here's your chance to demonstrate that you can present your ideas clearly-with no grammar, usage, or spelling errors. By the way, feel free to seek help from someone else as an editor, but you are responsible for your final work. When you are satisfied with your final copy, make sure that it is written neatly on 8 ½" X 11" paper so that it is easy to read.

Your Personal Essay must be completed on time, and included with the other application materials submitted by your class.