CyberSurgeons Live Mission

Mission Overview

CyberSurgeonsTM is an intense and immersive learning experience that engages your students in a live simulation to quickly diagnose and treat an array of medical cases. With the help of computers, the Internet, and a video conference connection or webcam, students interact with a "Chief Medical Officer" at the Challenger Learning Center®. Together, teams of students use their critical thinking skills and scientific knowledge to solve emergency medical problems.

During their mission, students become part of an emergency medical team on a National Institutes of Health mercy ship traveling up the Amazon River. The ship is equipped with high-tech hospital equipment and medical research capabilities.

Mission Simulation

Become an emergency medical specialist in this live simulation conducted through web/videoconferencing. You and your teammates solve medical cases as your mercy ship travels up the Amazon River.

The CyberSurgeons simulation provides an authentic way for high school and college students to apply science knowledge and skills. The mission curriculum is based on national and state science standards related to human body systems and the disease process.

To complete the mission, students become part of the fictional CyberSurgeons remote trauma unit on a mercy ship. The simulated ship is equipped with a high-tech hospital and medical research capabilities, state-of-the-art high-end communications systems, and dedicated to satellites to relay information.

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