CyberSurgeons Live Mission

Premission Lesson Plans

This section includes lesson plans for pre-mission preparation. The articles, readings, or activities will prepare your students with key skills needed for a successful CyberSurgeons mission.

What is the NIH?

This short reading describes the purpose and structure of our National Institutes of Health. Most students do not understand the scope and importance of the world's premier health research institution. Understanding the importance of the NIH gives them perspective to the mission which is set on an NIH medical ship touring the Amazonian rainforest.

Creating A Medical Chart

This activity introduces the key components of a patient's medical chart. Students create a medical chart for a fictional patient and learn the importance of each component to correct diagnosis and treatment.

Vital Signs

This activity reviews human vital signs and how they can be used to indicate disease or illness. Normal values are studied and abnormal values are discussed in relation to disease or illness possibilites.

Mission Scenario and Team Descriptions

Students must know the scenario, their role, and the role's job description in order to have a successful mission. Watching the pre-mission video on the CyberSurgeons homepage and using the pre-mission practice patients will help your students understand the scenario and become familiar with the mission interface.

Diagnostic Procedures

The Importance of Research and Clinical Trials: This selection describes how laboratory and x-ray tests work to find, confirm, or eliminate a diagnosis. It also describes the importance of clinical research and trials in testing the procedures and treatments involved in patient care. In their mission, student Diagnostic Specialists will order appropriate lab tests as indicated by symptoms, Med-Surg Specialists will interpret the results, and Clinical Intervention Specialists will recommend treatments and possible clinical trials for patients.

Mission Practice

Students will work with these sample cases as if it is mission day. They will complete report forms for each patient while using the mission interface on their computers.

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