CyberSurgeons Live Mission


CyberSurgeons addresses these important goals:

•  Improve science education using innovative and highly engaging approaches to teaching and learning.

•  Increase science literacy among high school students taking biology, anatomy/physiology, or related classes.

Specifically, we seek to increase knowledge and understanding of:

•  The process of biomedical research and clinical trials.
•  How to evaluate the quality of research studies in these areas.
•  Biomedical science, especially as it relates to the development of pharmaceuticals.
•  Human anatomy and physiology, especially the pathophysiology of cancer.

•  Promote career awareness for biomedical fields among the target population.

•  Create a program with the potential to be replicated for widespread use.

•  Build on existing science education programs.

•  Create a program that considers the needs of underrepresented and underserved groups.

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