CyberSurgeons Live Mission

Pre-Mission Checklist

Checklist of items to do in advance of your mission:

□   Test distance learning link with Challenger’s Mission Control (see Technology and Classroom Setup)

□   Assign students to teams

□   Set up the classroom for the mission

            □   Case manager table set up in the front of the room with one computer and videoconferencing equipment. Case Managers need to communicate with their patient care teams throughout the mission. They also need to update their team’s Patient Care Wall Chart on display in the room.

             □   Patient care teams with two Diagnostic Specialists, two Med-Surg Specialists, and two clinical intervention Specialists set up at tables with one computer for each specialist pair. Specialists need to be able to communicate with each other throughout the mission.

□   Organize materials:

□   Case Managers—Instructions (one for each case manager)

□   Diagnostic Specialists—Instructions (one for each diagnostic pair)

□   Med-Surge Specialists—Instructions (one for each med-surg pair)

□   Clinical Intervention Specialists—Instructions (one for each Clinical Intervention pair)

□   Patient Report Forms (one per patient)

□   Mid-Shift Cases Report Forms (one copy of each team's forms)

□   Alpha

□   Bravo

□   Charlie

□   Delta

□   Patient Care Wall Chart—one for each patient care team

□   Pencils

□   Markers (for Patient Wall Chart)

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