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Application Process
Form a Team
Earth System Science
Science Interests Inventory
Team Building
Team Rules
Letter of Commitment
Mission Patch
Case Study
Yellowstone Forest Fires
Forest Fires
I. How They Work
II. Fire Management
I. Map of Yellowstone
II. Yellowstone Fire
III. One Year After
IV. Six Years After

Earth Sys. Analysis
Yellowstone Fire Analysis
Sphere Analysis Tool

Yellowstone Forest Fires

Complete your first team assignment. To demonstrate your team's skills, your team should complete an Earth system science analysis of the Yellowstone Fires Event. The instructions for this part of the application are easy to follow. Your team's analysis of this EVENT will demonstrate to the staff at e-Mission Headquarters your Emergency Response Team's investigative abilities and enthusiasm. Read the Event description carefully.

  1. Go to Link: Forest Fires to learn about forest fires in general.
  2. Go to Link: Yellowstone to learn about the destruction of the Yellowstone fires.
  3. Take notes on your readings. You will need to complete these two worksheets with your emergency response team: Yellowstone Fires Analysis and Sphere Analysis Tool.