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Application Process
Form a Team
Earth System Science
Science Interests Inventory
Team Building
Team Rules
Letter of Commitment
Mission Patch
Case Study
Yellowstone Forest Fires
Forest Fires
I. How They Work
II. Fire Management
I. Map of Yellowstone
II. Yellowstone Fire
III. One Year After
IV. Six Years After

Earth Sys. Analysis
Yellowstone Fire Analysis
Sphere Analysis Tool

Letter of Commitment

Show us how your team is committed to the next e-Mission.Tell us about your team, its members, and the good job your team will do.

Your team should discuss and agree on the skills, the personal strengths, and the hard work that each member will bring to e-Mission: Operation Montserrat. Brag about each other. To learn something about your teammates, ask each other questions. Make a long list of all of the things you discover about each other and then select the most outstanding and include them in your team's introductory Letter of Commitment. Pick one member to write the letter, then each team member should "edit" the first version to add suggestions or offer alternatives. The Letter of Commitment should "sell" your team.

You may want to also think about developing a team logo or mission patch.

Use this sample to create your own Letter of Commitment:
The Earth Detectives
Mary Jo Hernandez- Biosphere
Kathy Kinte- Atmosphere
Bruce Jackson- Lithosphere
Cindy Wong- Hydrosphere

Dear Challenger Review Panel,
We ask that you seriously consider our application for the e-Mission. We have four experts— a Biosphere expert, an Atmosphere expert, a Lithosphere expert, and a Hydrosphere expert. We are really good at what we do. We are strongest at teamship and cooperation. We also have a good sense of humor which helps us to have good attitudes.

The Earth Detectives