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Memo to Emergency Response Teams
From: Mission Control
Subject: Your Task

Attention, Emergency Response Teams. There may be a volcanic eruption on Montserrat. The Soufrière Hills volcanic structure is active. In the coming mission, the Space Shuttle will upgrade a satellite that is monitoring conditions on the island. The satellite will then transmit seismic data every hour. You will use this data to predict whether or not the volcano is imminently dangerous.

To prepare, this week you must investigate the dangers the people of Luzon faced during Operation Mt. Pinatubo. The Mt. Pinatubo eruption provides plenty of historical data for you to study. Use your knowledge of Earth system science to analyze the destruction from the eruption and compare it to the destruction caused by the Yellowstone Fires. Like the people of Luzon, the people of Montserrat may need your help.

Each member of your Emergency Response Team has a distinct investigative role. Each member is assigned to investigate either the hydrosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere, or biosphere. Throughout the t-minus 3-week period, you must focus on your assigned sphere and investigate the changes that occur due to volcanic activity.

Don't forget that teamwork is important if you want to accomplish your assigned tasks. Continue to work, share, compare, and organize your facts, theories, and questions. Keep in mind that you will evaluate each other based upon the team rules that you selected during the Application Process. A lack of teamwork on your part could mean disaster for the people of Montserrat. They are counting on you!

Here is a summary of your e-Mission preparatory tasks at t-minus 3 weeks:

  • Study how volcanoes work and how to predict danger.
  • Each team member must consider the Operation Mt. Pinatubo findings in terms of the short and long term impact upon his or her sphere: "How is my sphere affected by a volcanic eruption?"
  • Analyze the Mt. Pinatubo eruption event and list comparisons to your Yellowstone Fire analysis.
  • Practice analyzing volcanic data to prepare for the transmission of hourly data on mission day.
  • Constructively evaluate your team members.
Good Luck