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Application Process
Form a Team
Earth System Science
Science Interests Inventory
Team Building
Team Rules
Letter of Commitment
Mission Patch
Case Study
Yellowstone Forest Fires
Forest Fires
I. How They Work
II. Fire Management
I. Map of Yellowstone
II. Yellowstone Fire
III. One Year After
IV. Six Years After

Earth Sys. Analysis
Yellowstone Fire Analysis
Sphere Analysis Tool

Mission Patch
Build team spirit. Demonstrate your team's energy and investigative creativity. This part of the application is optional, but it is a lot of fun to do-especially for students who can draw, print, design, or paint. Develop a Mission Patch, or Theme Song, or Team Motto.

NASA creates a mission patch for each mission, and the Astronauts and mission team members all wear it on their uniforms. Mission patches are colorful and illustrate the themes of the mission.

1. Investigate the idea. Every NASA flight and significant space probe has its own Mission Patch, a colorful, collectible symbol for that mission.

2. The Mission Patch attempts to capture in colorful pictures and symbols the goals of the mission and its hopes for the future. The final Mission Patch you send to Mission Control may be a composite of ideas or one patch selected as most representative of your class as a whole.

3. Do you have an idea for a theme song or team motto? Those of you who are musically inclined, or who enjoy working with words, might add a slogan or a theme song with or without lyrics.

To learn more about mission patches, and see many examples, follow the links to the NASA mission patch page. We post some of the mission patches for e-Mission: Space Station Alpha on our website and in our entryway at the Challenger Learning Center.