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Attention, Emergency Response Teams. Meteorologists from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Association are predicting that this hurricane season will be busier than most. They are telling us that 14 hurricanes are expected to move through the Caribbean region within the next few months. You must prepare for such an event.

You will investigate the dangers faced by the people of Puerto Rico during e-Mission: Hurricane Georges. Use your knowledge of Earth system science to analyze the impact of Hurricane Georges. Compare the Earth system science analysis you do to the analyses you carried out for Mt. Pinatubo and the Yellowstone Fires. Throughout this week, each team member should focus on his or her area of investigation.

The people of Montserrat need our advice and help. Late last week, meteorologists tracked a typical, seasonal, weather system off the coast of Africa as it developed into Tropical Storm Bob. It was about 1300 km. east of the Leeward Islands. At that time, its maximum sustained winds were measured at only 72 kilometers per hour (kph). Bob was moving slowly westward at 8 kph. The rain bands and winds extended 240 km from Bob's center. Could the storm threaten Montserrat?

On mission day, you will be able to track the progress of Tropical Storm Bob using data from the Low Earth Orbiting satellite. Using this information, you will analyze the path and estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the storm. Follow the Hurricane Tracking Instructions to learn how to track a storm. You will use maps, mathematical calculations, and data to help you predict if Tropical Storm Bob will hit the island. The people of Montserrat need as much advance warning as possible. They may need to evacuate their shoreline homes.

Teamwork has gotten you this far. Keep your team's guidelines in mind and work together to complete these tasks. The Hurricane Georges Analysis questions require that you share information. You will also use your team's rubric to assess your teamwork skills. All your work will prepare you for Mission Day.

Here is a summary of your e-Mission tasks at t-minus 2 weeks:

  • Study how hurricanes work and how to predict danger.
  • Practice analyzing storm tracking data to prepare for the transmission of real-time data on mission day.
  • As quickly as you can, master the basic concepts regarding hurricanes by studying Hurricane Georges. Focus on your investigation assignment: "How is your sphere affected by a hurricane?"
  • Use the knowledge you gained from the Yellowstone fires and Mt. Pinatubo to analyze Hurricane Georges and the potential impact of Tropical Storm Bob on Montserrat.
  • Use your team's rubric to evaluate your team.