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Career Planning

Now that you have identified a career as your favorite, you need to find out more about how to get the education and training you need.

Begin by going back to the Career Information System to find out about a college or university in your area that can prepare you for that job. Follow the directions below to research the programs offered. Then write a letter to that institution asking for the application requirements for that program.

Note that you will need a computer with an Internet connection.


  1. Log on to the Career Information System.
  2. Choose the Career Search link at the left side of the page.
  3. Type in a job title in the Quick Search blank and click " Go."
  4. Quick Search Results will appear below. Click " Add Job " to add this career to your Career Explorer.
  5. Click on Career Planning. Information concerning the type of degree most people with this career obtain is listed in the table.
  6. Choose your state or a neighboring state from the dropdown menu below the table.
  7. A list of schools that offer degrees for the career you are researching will appear. Choose one of these schools to investigate for possible future enrollment.
  8. Write a letter to this college or university following the instructions located on the Letter to the University page.
  9. Mail the letter to the university and wait for your response! You are on your way to planning your career!