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Career Discovery

Note: To start working, you will need a printed copy of the Career Pathways worksheet. You can find a link to this worksheet on the Career Pathways section of the menu.

In this series of activities, you will have the chance to explore careers that interest you. You will start to think about possible career choices and what you need to do to prepare for a selected career choice.

Now is the time when you should be planning your education and career goals so that you are in a position later to achieve those goals. Planning your education and career goals requires researching and organizing the information you need to make an informed choice. This is not always easy. Some questions you should ask in this process include:

  • What are some career possibilities?
  • What classes should you take to learn what you need to know?
  • What colleges and universities offer the programs you need?
  • How much money can you make in that career?

The Career Pathways module helps you find the information you need to begin your career search. Using this web site, links, and worksheets, you can find the information you will need. Completing the required and optional activities will help you on your way.

This may be the most important activity you do all year! Work through the steps to find out your future career.

You begin by selecting two jobs you would like to explore.


  1. Make sure to have a printed copy of the Career Pathways worksheet.
  2. Read the list and descriptions of careers in the Career List . Then, select one job you might like and list it at the top of the first column of the Career Pathways worksheet in the Career Discovery section.
  3. Play the online Career Assessment Game to identify one additional career that interests you. This game will present you with a list of jobs that are compatible with your interests and abilities.
  4. Select one career from from the career assessment game results and write it in the second column at the top of the Career Pathways worksheet.
  5. Once you have selected and listed two jobs on your worksheet, move on to the Career Information System to investigate your chosen careers.