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Career Awareness

Now that you've identified and explored two careers that interest you, it's time to narrow your focus. Follow these steps to complete the career awareness section of your Career Pathways worksheet :

  • First, you will use the Salary Comparison tool to compare the projected salaries of the careers you selected. You will also see the average salary of a person with a high school diploma. You should enter information from your career pathways worksheet into the salary comparison tool to get the projected salary information. Then answer the review questions from the salary comparison web page to analyze the results.
  • Decide which of your original two careers you would like to research further based on the information you have collected. You should record this job title in the career awareness section of your Career Pathways worksheet. Be sure to explain why you chose this career.
  • Complete a resume using the online resume builder in the Career Pathways menu of the web site.
  • As the final activity in step 3, you will complete the Family Member Interview form with a family member for homework. During this activity you will interview a family member about the career you selected on your career pathways worksheet. Together, you will discuss this potential career path and will identify why this job may be a good fit for you.

To complete the family member interview:

Step 1: Print the family member interview form and fill in the career you selected on your career pathways worksheet.

Step 2: For homework set aside 45 minutes to meet with a family member. Give the family member interview instructions to the person you have selected. These instructions are available on page 2 of the family member interview document

Step 3: If the person you are interviewing is having trouble with any answers during the interview, both of you may decide to use outside sources for help. The Internet, other family members, or an encyclopedia are possible sources for information about careers.

Step 4: Write a short summary of your interview and share your results with your classmates. Results can be shared in pairs, small groups, or as a whole class.