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Team Checksheet

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Before the Event

  • Research your team's topic (air pressure, humidity, winds, or temperature).
  • Familiarize yourself with the STORM-E web site.
  • Locate, study, and complete your team's days 1 - 3 maps and graphs.
  • Has the data changed from day 1 to 3? What do those results mean?
  • Do you notice any strong trends or patterns?
  • Your team must be prepared to report to Weather Central at the beginning of the videoconference. Include a prediction of weather conditions on day 4.

On the Day of the Event

  • Present your team report including prediction to Weather Central.
  • Do you need any additional information? Ask Weather Central or other weather teams for help.
  • Report any forecast revisions or updates to Weather Central.
  • Locate, study, and complete the day 4 map. Examine the information to see how closely it matches your predictions. Do you need to change your forecast?
  • Continue to record and analyze weather data.
  • Be prepared to give a final report to Weather Central at the end of the videoconference.

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