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Teacher Checksheet

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Before the Event

  • Teach a weather unit. Include the topics of air pressure, humidity, temperature, and wind.
  • Familiarize yourself with the STORM-E web site.
  • Schedule a videoconference time by registering online at Click on "Register Student Missions".
  • Group your students into teams.
  • Direct teams to begin work with the days 1 - 3 maps and graphs. Ask students about the predictions they will report to Weather Central at the beginning of the event.

On the Day of the Event

  • Make the connection for the videoconference. If there are technical problems, call 304-243-2063.
  • Make a general introduction of your class to Weather Central. Introduce each team report. Direct students' use of the videoconferencing microphone.
  • After opening reports are finished, help students locate the day 4 maps and graphs.
  • Act as the local facilitator. Encourage students to address questions to Weather Central, to other teams, and to members of their own team. Answer students' questions with a question that will lead students to discover answers.
  • When it is time for final reports, direct the students' attention to Weather Central.

After the Event

  • Debrief students immediately after the event.
  • Optional: Complete any of the activities found at Post-Event.

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