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  • Connect with Weather Central at the scheduled time. If there are problems connecting, contact Robert Moore at 304-243-2063 or 304-215-5114.
  • Weather Central will welcome you. Each team's representative will present the team's prediction.
  • Day 4 graphs and data will follow at appropriate times. Revisions and updates about weather conditions will be reported to Weather Central.
  • The event will conclude with students' final reports and comments from Weather Central.

Teacher's Role
During the event your role is that of local facilitator and coordinator. You will:

  • Act as the point person for Weather Central.
  • Establish a protocol for students' communications with Weather Central.
  • Distribute maps, graphs, and supplies at the appropriate times or as requested by Weather Central.
  • Coordinate team reports.
  • Encourage interaction between the teams.
  • Urge students to ask questions, analyze data, and draw conclusions.
  • Point students in the right direction, but avoid providing answers yourself.
  • Ask students to pose questions to Weather Central when appropriate.

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