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Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) will work with us on e-Mission: Operation Montserrat. During the past few months, the volcano on this beautiful Caribbean island has threatened to erupt. Seismic monitoring equipment located at various places around the island helps us predict what will happen next. Because of the island's unique geologic formations, the sensors have not been gathering reliable data. We must keep gathering data about the island's volcanic activity. If we don't know what is going on, people's lives could be in danger. To enhance the seismic data collection system on the island, we will be using e-Mission Headquarters' Low Earth Orbiting satellite. Just before the mission begins, a Space Shuttle must be launched. The crew will upgrade the Low Earth Orbiting satellite.

During e-Mission: Operation Montserrat, our satellite will send us additional information from all over the Caribbean. If your ERTs join us, you will have to learn the basic ideas behind predicting natural disasters and their impact upon the Earth's systems. You must learn to analyze the types of data you will receive on mission day. Then, you will help Mission Control predict what may happen. Our first worry is whether the Soufriere Hills volcano is going to erupt. We need to have good plans in place to help the people and protect the environment.

Can You Help?
Each e-Mission's success depends upon the ability of our partners - partners like you and your friends. First, you must form Emergency Response Teams, or ERTs. Each team member must be willing to begin and finish an important investigation. Members of each ERT will learn special science and math skills along the way. All our past partners found their e-Mission adventure to be very exciting. Can you work under pressure and help advise the people of Montserrat? What actions will you suggest the people of the island take to prepare for this possible emergency?