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If your Emergency Response Team (ERT) applications show us you can work together quickly and accurately, and that you are not afraid to study, apply new ideas, and explore where few have ventured before, you will qualify to join us on an e-Mission.

Please, go to the Application Process. Study, think, talk together, and prepare your teams' applications. If we accept your work, your ERTs will assist us during e-Mission: Operation Montserrat.

Here's the Plan
After you are accepted for the e-Mission, your teams will have to train. Your job is to analyze the potential hazards faced by the people of Montserrat. At t-minus 3 weeks, you will learn about the dangers of volcanoes. At t-minus 2 weeks, you will monitor any tropical storms or hurricanes in the area. At t-minus 1 week, you will investigate the island itself and study its land shapes, its resources, and the cities, roads, and utilities the people have created. Then, based upon your new knowledge and skills, you will develop plans to assist Montserrat's people.

On mission day, you will watch with us as the Space Shuttle lifts off and astronauts upgrade our Low Earth Orbiting satellite. If all goes well, the satellite will immediately begin broadcasting. We will receive data about the volcano on Montserrat and any tropical storms in the area. Your teams must be prepared to analyze this data. Throughout the e-Mission, you will be able to see and talk to us here in Mission Control. We will work closely together.

Good luck with your application.