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Image of a futuristic plane flying over the surface of Mars towards the camera.
 Image that says Overview. Button that takes you to the Teacher's Toolkit Section. Button that takes you to the Student Materials Section. Button that takes you to the Mission Day Section.
M.A.R.S. Introduction
The Mission Scenario
Learning Objectives
NCTM Math Standards
Technology Requirements
Contact Us
Contact Us

Challenger Learning Center
Wheeling Jesuit University
316 Washington Avenue
Wheeling, WV 26003

For Scheduling:
Barb Crawshaw, Program Registrar
Phone: (304) 243-8740

Direct all curriculum and general e-mission questions to:
Lori Kudlak, Assistant Director
Phone: (304) 243-8729
Laura Ondeck, Lead Flight Director
Phone: (304) 243-2029

For any technical questions or for scheduling test connections:
Dan Murphy, Technical Coordinator
Phone: (304) 245-5114
Email: Download Microsoft Active Accessibility.

Animation showing all of the innovative programs for digital learning that the Center for Educational Technologies has developed. Some of them include: EVA Alert, M.A.R.S., and Target Moon. Button that takes you to the Classroom of the Future home page.  The caption reads: Developed by the NASA-Sponsored Classroom of the Future.
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Image of Live Simulation M.A.R.S. logo that takes you to the home page.