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Image of a Lunar Base base.
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 Teacher's Toolkit

Scope and Sequence

Lesson Plans

Math Activities
Pre-Mission Preparation

Your "To-Do" List

Your "To-Do" List


Image of a checkbox. Schedule the date for the mission with the Challenger Learning Center.
Image of a checkbox. Use the lesson plans and scope and sequence to prepare your students well in advance of the mission date. The typical timeframe is two weeks before the mission. 
Image of a checkbox. Test the computer/videoconference link with Mission Control at least one week before Mission Day. See Technology Requirements.
Image of a checkbox. During the test connection, be sure to also test each team's computer to assure that the flash-based Communications Center is working properly.
Image of a checkbox. Be sure to practice for the mission. Assign students to teams and print out all the materials. Run a “mini-mission” until the students are fluent in conducting all the math calculations correctly. See Pre-Mission Prep Lesson Plans.


Image of a checkbox. Set up the classroom the day before the mission, if you have not already done so for the mini-mission. See How to Set up the Classroom. Help students to make room decorations and posters for the wall.
Image of a checkbox. Be sure you have plenty of report forms for each team (and cut them apart!). Ideally, use a different color of paper for each team.
Image of a checkbox. Remember calculators and rulers. Students may need them.
Image of a checkbox. Link with Mission Control at least 20 minutes before the mission.
Animation showing all of the innovative programs for digital learning that the Center for Educational Technologies has developed. Some of them include: EVA Alert, M.A.R.S., and Target Moon. Button that takes you to the Classroom of the Future home page.  The caption reads: Developed by the NASA-Sponsored Classroom of the Future TM.
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