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This NASA Worldbook site contains a great deal of information about the moon, including lunar mass, density, composition, geographic features, atmospheric characteristics, and the history of moon exploration.
This Solar System Exploration site is an excellent resource for links to a gallery of photos and lunar information and a section for a “Kid’s Eye View” of space research.
Valuable links make this site very useful for finding both information and activities. Links include Things To Do, Other Activities, and Explore Further. The Fruit Loops: Exploring Our Moon Phases and the Reason for Eclipses activity will appeal to students learning about the lunar and Earth movements that cause these celestial phenomena. The detailed instructions make this a valuable resource for teachers.
This site links to 25 hands-on activities that form the core of the SpaceDay educational event. Each activity has been selected based on its science/educational value and its relevance to the Lunar Prospector mission.
The Lunar and Planetary Science page links to images, fact sheets, and sites containing information on all planets, the moon, asteroids, and comets. It includes links to images of the moon and has information on current, past, and future moon missions.
This site allows you to search different aspects of moon information and includes facts and activities for a variety of grade levels.
This Lunar and Planetary Institute site allows you to link to a variety of sites for information on exploring the moon. Links include programs involving lunar missions and resources from a lunar atlas.

Animation showing all of the innovative programs for digital learning that the Center for Educational Technologies has developed. Some of them include: EVA Alert, M.A.R.S., and Target Moon. Button that takes you to the Classroom of the Future home page.  The caption reads: Developed by the NASA-Sponsored Classroom of the Future TM.
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