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Cool Ideas for Mission Day!

  • Add a Press Team with extra students. They can interview students on other teams, take pictures or video the mission. They can report at the beginning, middle and end of the mission. For example: they can report at the beginning to explain what the mission is about. During the mission, they can let Mission Control know if the box and whiskers plot has matched with the baseline data. Finally, they can summarize the mission and what the team accomplished.
  • Have a contest to create a shirt for mission day! The student that has the best design gets to have it printed on all the shirts for mission day.
  • Have your team design their own mission patch. Send it to us and we will display it on mission day.
  • Animation showing all of the innovative programs for digital learning that the Center for Educational Technologies has developed. Some of them include: EVA Alert, M.A.R.S., and Target Moon. Button that takes you to the Classroom of the Future home page.  The caption reads: Developed by the NASA-Sponsored Classroom of the Future.
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