CyberSurgeons Live Mission

Practice Case Management Online

Before your live mission, schedule a time for your students in the computer lab. Print out a Report Form (attached below) for every two students.

Assign students to their specialties (Case Manager, Diagnostic, Med-Surg, or Clinical intervention) and to their teams (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, or Delta). Details on this are found further below under Mission Prep.

Each pair of specialists should have a computer and should go to the web address below and login under the correct Team and correct Specialist.

Students should work with these sample cases as if it is mission day. They should fill out their report forms in their section only. Each specialist pair only needs to examine one patient. This should take about 15-20 minutes total.

Note that the patient's name is "Sample Case".

VERY IMPORTANT: this is for PRACTICE only. This web address will be different for mission day.

Patient Chart: Patient Charts


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