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Mission Briefing
What is a Live Simulation?
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Technology Requirements
Standards Addressed

Technology Requirements

  1. Videoconferencing system with monitor or LCD
    • The videoconferencing system can be a dedicated videoconferencing unit, by manufacturers such as Polycom®, Tandberg™, or VTEL®, or it can be an extra computer equipped with a webcam, microphone, speakers, and videoconferencing software, such as Skype™.
    • The videoconferencing system should be connected to a large screen (either a monitor or an LCD projector). The image should be displayed in the front of the room so the students can see the mission commander and video clips.
    • The Communications Team uses the videoconferencing system.
  2. Five computers
    • Each Planet Team has one computer — The computer will be shared among the different team specialists.
  3. Internet connections for the above computers and the latest version of Internet Explorer installed
  4. Optional Skype (this videoconference software program is free and available on the Internet)
  5. Printer (network, optional)
  6. Digital camera (optional). A digital camera is valuable for recording the excitement of the mission.
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The Challenger Learning Center’s innovative program for digital learning, the e-Mission™, provides teachers with curriculum aligned with state and national standards and a mission conducted via distance learning. e-Missions are designed around best practice models and principles derived from the latest educational research.

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