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Mission Day

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Post Brief  

Radiation Team

1. At one point in the mission there was a dramatic rise in radiation readings - which TEPC were you most concerned about and why?
2. Based on the highest reported 24-hour projected rems data from TEPC 1, what dangers from radiation damage were the astronauts facing during the mission?
3. Are there any medical concerns the astronauts should address once they return to Earth?
4. What shielding needs to remain in place on the space station?

Storm Team

1. What were your greatest concerns during the mission today?
2. How high did the X-rays spike? How did the proton graph compare to the X-ray graph? What can you conclude about the severity of the storm?
3. What impact could this solar storm have on Earth? Are the people on Earth in danger from the approaching protons?
4. Evaluate your action plan today - what did you do well? What would you do differently?

Life Support Team

1. Evaluate your action plan today - what was your biggest challenge and how did you handle it?
2. How did the solar storm complicate your systems' emergencies?
3. How are air pressure, oxygen and carbon dioxide related? How did any one of these components affect the others during the mission?
4. When were you most concerned about maintaining a healthy atmosphere for the astronauts?

Crisis Management Team

1.  When were you most concerned about the safety of the crew during this mission?  Explain.
2. What were some of the steps you had to take to ensure the astronauts’ safety?
3. What crisis did you feel was most critical—the Life Support crisis or the Radiation crisis—and why?
4. How did you choose the rankings for the crises? Did each of you agree with the rankings and how did you settle any differences of opinion on reporting the rankings?


1. The communicators for missions have to do many things at the same time.  What seemed to be your greatest challenge today and how were you able to handle it?
2. There is always a lot of discussion about teamwork when students are preparing for a mission. What part did teamwork play in the communication part of today’s mission and do you think that communication would be a vital part of any NASA mission?  Explain or give examples.
3. The Challenger Center has a lot of students who fly this mission.  What kind of advice or recommendations would you give to other students that would help them have a successful mission?

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