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Pre Mission Prep


Preparation Checklist

Practice Data Answer Key

Team Materials

Classroom Setup

Computer Setup

Pre-Mission Preparation Checklist

(in priority and chronological order)



Test distance learning link with Challenger's Mission Control
Students assigned to teams
Interactive lecture on practice data
Set Up the classroom for the mission:
Communication station set up - 1 computer ready for the Communication Board and 1 system for audio/video
Specialist team work areas with calculators, rulers, maps, report forms and Team Preparation Packets. Set up tables and chairs. Floor plan should permit teams to work separately. A team member from each team should be able to walk easily between each team’s area and the Communications Team. This arrangement permits an uninterrupted "communication’s flow."
Evacuation Team work area, with whiteboard and markers.
Teams assign roles and get organized.:
Evacuation Team assigned (4-8 students) — Pre-Briefing Questions, Maps of Montserrat Island (relief, population, and road maps) and Team Tasks
Volcano Team assigned (4-8 students) — Pre-Briefing Questions, RF Data and VT Data Charts and Team Tasks
Hurricane Team assigned (4-8 students) — Pre-Briefing Questions, Hurricane Tracking Forms and Team Tasks
Communications Team picked (2 students) — Report Forms and Team Tasks
Research Team (Optional) (2-4 students) — Maps and Markers
Teams make room decorations, patches, posters on the wall.