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Challenger Learning Center
Wheeling Jesuit University
316 Washington Avenue
Wheeling, WV 26003
phone: (304) 243-8740

fax: (304) 243-2497
website: http://clc.cet.edu

For general information about this program, please contact the program registrar at (304) 243-8740, or e-mail clcinfo@cet.edu

For more specific information, please direct your questions to the staff below.

  • Jackie Shia, Marketing Director
  • Lori Kudlak, Assistant Director

e-Mission: Operation Montserrat, Version 5.1

The curriculum as it is presented here has undergone an extensive development process, beginning in 1998. We are committed to producing the best program possible, and strive to listen to the needs of those who use these materials. This process has been a collaborative one, always beginning with the students and teachers. In addition, we have had the help of subject matter experts, instructional designers, educational researchers, writers, graphic artists and programmers.

This latest version includes a Career Pathways Module funded by the Benedum Foundation.


Career Pathways Module (version 5.1) funded through the Benedum Foundation

  • Damián Piccolo, Project lead, Instructional technology design
  • Anna Oskorus, Instructional designer
  • Manetta Calinger, Curriculum writer

e-Mission: Operation Montserrat (versions 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0)

  • Nancy Sturm, Program design, Lead field tester, Lead teacher trainer
  • Bruce Howard, Curriculum director and project manager, Lead writer, Field tester, Teacher training, Evaluation and research
  • Damián M. Piccolo, Lead website developer, Instructional technology design
  • Mark Lindsay, Development of mission day materials, Flight director materials
  • Kathie Fox, Script development, Writer, Montserrat researcher
  • Jackie Shia, Field tester, Teacher trainer


  • John Boynton, Writer
  • Wes Ebeling, Website design
  • Jim Botti, Instructional Designer
  • Hilarie Davis, Instructional Designer
  • Bob Myers, Instructional Designer
  • Julie Sebeck, Instructional Designer
  • Chris Kreger, Webmaster/Programmer
  • Katie Cox, Graphic Artist
  • Jim Roman, Intellectual Property

NASA Classroom of the Future/ Center for Educational Technologies™ (version 2.0)

  • Steven McGee, Project Manager
  • Bruce Howard, Instructional Designer/ Educational Researcher
  • Steven Croft, Senior Scientist
  • Christopher Ferro, GIS/Remote Sensing Specialist
  • Holly McCluskey, Consultant Curriculum Writer
  • Kathryn Robinson, Consultant Curriculum Writer
  • Amber Tucker, Consultant Curriculum Writer
  • Ron Eddy, Web Application Programmer
  • Chris Kreger, Programmer
  • John Boynton, Editor/Curriculum Writer
  • Marlin Stephens, Intellectual Property Specialist
  • Janis Worklan, Editor