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FSI Introduction
The Mission Scenario
Learning Objectives
NCTM Math Standards
Technology Requirements
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Learning Objectives

Students should be able to apply the following math skills for grades 5-8:

  • Calculate the mean, median, and mode for a data set.
  • Use a box-and-whiskers graph to compare sets of data for characteristics critical to the FSI mission.
  • Interpret data from graphs and make informed decisions from this information.
  • Calculate the volume of an irregular rectangular prism.
  • Understand the connections between data sets and their graphical representation (box plots).
  • Use problem-solving skills to make decisions and solve problems.

Students should be able to apply the following content standard science skills for grades 5-8:

  • Acquire abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry.
  • Gain an understanding about scientific inquiry.
  • Use mathematics in all aspects of scientific inquiry.
  • Acquire an understanding of technological design.
  • Improve their understandings about science and technology.
  • Be aware that risk is part of living in a highly technological world. Reducing risk often results in new technology.
  • Understand the consequences of living and working in space.
  • Be aware that motions and forces are different in space than they are on Earth. When studying space, these differences have to be taken into account.

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