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 Student Materials
Overview of Teams
Moon Mapping Team
Comet Tracking Team
Crisis Management Team
Communications Team
Team Table Tents
Moon Mapping Team

How large an area will be affected by the comet's impact on the Moon?  What are the chances that an astronaut could be in danger? The Moon Mapping Team will work together to calculate the probabilities of danger for each base and answer these important questions.

Team Materials
Moon Mapping Team members will use the following materials during the preparation and during the mission:

Real time data
This team will use two computers (optional). One computer will be used to receive the data feeds and the other will be used with the "Online Moon Map" simulator. If only one computer is available, this team can tab back and forth between the online moon map and moon mapping data. Students will receive a new set of data every 5 minutes. The data feed consists of:

  • Radius of the ZOPI (Zone Of Probable Impact)
  • Location of impact (latitude and longitude)
  • Distance reached by ejecta in kilometers (provided by the Comet team)

During the mission students will use the data feeds and the "Online Moon Map" simulator to perform the following calculations:

  • Area of ZOPI (in square kilometers)
  • Area of danger for each lunar base (in square kilometers)
  • Probability of danger of each each base

The Comet Team members will not only perform calculations, but they will also answer very important questions:

  • How large an area will the comet’s impact affect?
  • What are the chances that an astronaut could be in danger?
  • Which lunar base has the highest risk of being affected by the comet's impact?

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