Space Station Alpha

Is Space Station Alpha the Same as the ISS?

For e-Mission: Space Station Alpha, Mission Control uses an early phase in the construction of the International Space Station. Before its completion, the International Space Station might go through 108 different configurations. Following Flight 102 STS-98 on February 7, 2001, the International Space Station consisted of four linked modules: the Functional Cargo Block, or Zarya, the service module called Zvezda, a node called Unity, and the United States Laboratory, Destiny. The Z1 Truss segment and the P6 Solar Array were attached to these modules.

On our website, the ISS becomes Space Station Alpha, a simplified version of the real thing. To help your specialist teams achieve success, this website contains everything you need. Of course, you will need to provide your own ingenuity, creativity, and mathematical and scientific abilities. If your curiosity leads you to other websites that contain information on the Space Station, make sure you adapt what you learn there to the "reality" we are calling Space Station Alpha.

Space Station Alpha could be your next destination.
If your application is accepted, you will be linked live to our staff at Mission Control. Your e-Mission will take place during the dangerous solar upheavals of February 14, 2001, just after the space shuttle was launched to deliver a new crew into space. The e-Mission: Space Station Alpha website has been carefully constructed to help new Mission Specialists prepare for their e-Mission. Good luck.



Tour of SSA: Zvezda Module
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