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Scope & Sequence

Interdisciplinary Approach

Unit : How to Apply  

Lesson 4 : Writing Resumés

Basic Readings


Recommended Readings

If you decide to use any of the "Careers" resources in the Launch Pad, then this is a good place to assign any of those readings.

Homework Due

  • Completed resume form— rough draft


  • Third Step— Students complete resumes.


  • 10 min. Teacher discusses resumes and careers
  • 20 min. Students draft resumes
  • 10 min. Students review each others' resumes

Resume forms— 1 per student


  • Careers in the sciences


  • Students complete resume forms

Discussion Tips
Résumés. Handout a paper with the topics required by the résumé. Students prepare a list of résumé items that are generally descriptive and that specifically fit their assigned area of investigation. Encourage discussions with family members or friends. Students should focus on experiences, interests, favorite subjects, hobbies, family experiences, and references. Students are not used to "selling themselves." Explain that résumés are personal advertisements or sales tools--opportunities to brag.

Special Comments
These tasks can be accomplished in many ways. Team members may look at each résumé and help their team members, thus getting to know each other. Teams may select an author for the letter of commitment and have others edit the original draft. Teams may pick one highlight from each team member's résumé to include in the letter. They conclude the letters with a statement telling why their name will make an outstanding Emergency Response Team. One team member takes notes and volunteers to write the first draft of the letter.

Students look at examples of resumes, and brainstorm a job in the Earth sciences they would like to have. Teacher discusses resumes and careers. Be sure to help students see the connection between careers and the education required for each. Students draft resumes, focusing on objectives and education. Unless this is a Language Arts assignment, don't spend an undue amount of time on the wording. Team members review each other's résumés and, before submitting them to the teacher, make constructive suggestions to help their teammates. Emergency response teams finalize their letter of commitment.

Basic Homework


Recommended Homework

  • Students complete final draft of the resume to hand in next class
  • Read: Yellowstone Forest Fires, Forest Fires, How They Work, Fire Management
  • Complete article Review Questions

See the Careers section of the Launch Pad. There are some valuable resources here to encourage students to begin thinking about careers as technicians, engineers, programmers, specialists, and scientists. Note: To view "Extensions", select "Show All in upper right pull-down menu on student website.