Overview Lessons & Materials Pre Mission Prep. Mission Day Assessment Student Pages

Scope & Sequence

Interdisciplinary Approach

Unit : t-Minus 1 Week  

Lesson 13 : Montserrat

Basic Readings

  • Your Task
  • Montserrat
  • Newspaper Article
  • Situation Report
  • Evacuation Instructions

Recommended Readings

  • Your Task
  • Montserrat
  • Newspaper Article
  • History of Montserrat
  • Montserrat Fast Facts

Homework Due

  • Turn in article Review Questions.


  • Students learn about the island and its resources.


  • From 20 minutes to 80 minutes


  • Articles
  • Print out all maps


  • Concepts related to risk management: contingency plans, social impact of emergency management options
  • Vocabulary: contingency plan, risk management


  • Students develop risk management plans.

Special Comments
This unit can be done effectively by working in conjunction with a social studies teacher

Teacher covers the meaning of contingency plans. Teams develop alternative plans: What will we do if a hurricane is imminent? What will we do if the eruption is imminent? What if we have both occur at the same time? How imminent is imminent- 24 hours, 10 hours, 2 hours? Teams give brief reports on their ideas.

Basic Homework


Recommended Homework

  • Read: Situation Report, Evacuation Instructions
  • Complete article Review Questions for all articles in t-Minus 1 Week

See the Careers section of the Launch Pad. There are some valuable resources here to encourage students to begin thinking about careers as technicians, engineers, programmers, specialists, and scientists.