Volcano FAQ's

Q: Is the pre-mission lesson plan necessary for the mission?


A: It is highly recommended that you conduct the pre-mission lesson plans so that students receive the most they can out of the e-lab, building upon their prior knowledge of volcanoes. If the pre-lab lesson cannot be completed prior to the e-lab, at least vocabulary Power Point introduction to volcanoes should occur in class.



Q: If I have a class size of 32, can I still conduct a mission with all of my class involved?


A: Yes, the additional students could be distributed to teams; however if there are more than 32 students we would ask that you separate the students into two missions so that everyone can enjoy the full experience.



Q: Do all students require the printable materials for the e-Lab?


A: Yes. All students require the Volcano e-Lab Journal for the actual e-Lab.



Q: Do  I need computers for the Volcano Lab?


A: Computers are not required for the actual live e-Lab;however there is a pre-Lab lesson plan  that includes the use of computers for research.

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