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The interactive experience is invaluable to the students. This constructivist learning style engages the students and cannot be accomplished using texts.


11:37 AM
I feel the e-Lab helped give students an authentic, hands-on experience of the scientific method.


4:35 PM
My students and I very much enjoyed participating in this e-mission and would love to do more!


4:35 PM

I had so many students come up to me after the lab asking if we could do it again! Comments that students gave were, "interesting and well-organized," "fun and I loved the example videos of volcanoes and lava," "It was cool how they did experiments and demonstrations to show how volcanoes work and lava flows," and "It was cool!" Overall, I think this was an excellent resource to teach students in a creative way using interactive media.

Chrishelle Gill

Norton Middle School

This e-lab was a terrific enrichment and culminating project for my students.  They enjoyed the interaction with the lab captain and the lessen helped to deepen their understanding of the science behind volcanoes.  

Marcella Kraycik

Immaculate Conception Academy

My students thoroughly enjoyed the e-lab.  It was highly interactive and therefore kept their interest.  Afterward they kept talking about the different demonstrations.  I know it helped solidify the concepts that we covered in the classroom with the presenter's hands-on approach.  They loved it!

Mary Ann Western

Incarnate Word Parish Elementary

What a fantastic journey for my 7th grade students!  We had already been studying volcanoes.  I was able to incorporate the pre-lab activities into my Earth Processes Unit Plan.  This Volcano eLab was a nice cap on our already growing volcano of knowledge!  The demonstrations, the videos and the graphics allowed the students to visualize the concepts that they had already been introduced to.

Kelli Rhoda

Mountain View Preparatory
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