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The interactive experience is invaluable to the students. This constructivist learning style engages the students and cannot be accomplished using texts.


11:37 AM
I feel the e-Lab helped give students an authentic, hands-on experience of the scientific method.


4:35 PM
My students and I very much enjoyed participating in this e-mission and would love to do more!


4:35 PM

The students loved the e-lab. They were engaged in the learning. The students thought that it was so cool that the lab director could send them videos and pictures to the computer that they were using. I think letting students see how chemical reactions happen in their lives everyday help them to connect what really is  a chemical reaction. Thank you for today. 

Stefanie Janko

Prescott South Middle School

Great experience for our Fourth and Fifth Grade students.  They were engaged and enjoyed the hands-on learning.  We will be extending what we learned into some additional hands-on experiences in our school cafeteria.  Thanks again.

Ken Westgate

St. Theresa School
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