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Terms Related to the Muscular System
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Terms Related to the Muscular System

Electromyography—an instrument that records the electrical activity of functioning skeletal muscle and converts it into a graph-like picture or into sound; has been used to diagnose neuromuscular disorders and in biofeedback training

Fibrillation—muscular twitching involving muscle fibers acting without coordination

Fibrosis—a condition marked by increase of fibrous tissue

Muscular dystrophy—any of a group of hereditary diseases characterized by progressive degeneration of muscles

Myalgia—pain in a muscle

Myokymia—persistent quivering of a muscle

Myology—the study of muscles

Myoma—a tumor of muscle tissue

Myopathy—a disorder of muscle tissue or muscles

Myositis—muscular discomfort or pain from infection or an unknown cause

Sprain—a sudden twist of a joint causing the stretching or tearing of ligaments and often rupture of blood vessels, usually marked by swelling, inflammation, hemorrhage, and discoloration.

Strain—bodily injury from excessive tension, effort, or use; often results from a wrench or twist involving undue stretching of muscles or ligaments

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