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Terms Related to the Endocrine System
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Terms Related to the Endocrine System

Adrenalectomy—surgical removal of an adrenal gland

Diabetus insipidus—caused by a decreased secretion of an antidiuretic hormone from the posterior pituitary gland; does not involve blood sugar, but is marked by a large output of dilute urine

Diabetes mellitus—a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism caused by an insulin deficiency or the inability to respond to insulin; marked by excessive urine production, excessive amounts of sugar in the blood and urine, thirst, hunger and weight loss

Exophthalmos—abnormal protrusion of the eyes

Gestational diabetes—high blood glucose levels that develop during pregnancy in some women

Goiter—an enlarged thyroid gland usually resulting from insufficient intake of iodine; is usually marked by hyperthyroidism and exophthalmos

Hypercalcemia—too much calcium in the blood

Hyperglycemia—too much glucose in the blood

Hypoglycemia—too little glucose in the blood

Parathyroidectomy—surgical removal of a parathyroid gland

Thyroiditis—inflammation of the thyroid gland

Thymectomy—surgical removal of the thymus gland

Thyroidectomy—surgical removal of the thyroid gland

Thyroiditis—inflammation of the thyroid gland

Type I diabetes—usually occurring in childhood, blood sugar levels are high due to the body making little or no insulin 

Type II diabetes—usually occurring in adults, higher than normal blood glucose levels due to the pancreas not making enough insulin; becoming more common due to obesity and lack of exercise in older adults

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