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Terms Related to the Digestive System
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Terms Related to the Digestive System

Anorexia nervosa—self-starvation

Aphagia—inability to swallow

Celiac disease—inability to digest fats and carbohydrates

Cholecystitis—inflammation of the gallbladder

Cholelithiasis—stones in the gall bladder

Cirrhosis—widespread disruption of normal liver function caused by chronic conditions affecting the liver, such as long-term alcohol abuse or hepatitis

Diverticulitis—inflammation or infection of a diverticulum (pocketing) of the colon that is characterized by abdominal pain, tenderness, and  often accompanied by fever, chills, and cramping

Diverticulum—an abnormal pouch opening from a hollow organ, such as the colon.

Dysentery—a disease characterized by severe diarrhea with passage of mucus and blood and usually caused by infection by viruses, bacteria, or protozoans

Gastrectomy—removal of the stomach

Gastrostomy—creating an opening in the stomach wall through the abdominal wall through which food and liquids can be passed.

Gastritis—inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach

Gastroenteritis—inflammation of the lining of the stomach and the intestines

Malnutrition—a condition of poor health resulting from a diet lacking in essential nutrients

Periodontium—structures that support the teeth, including the cementum, the periodontal membrane, bone, and the gums

Pyorrhea—an inflammation of the periodontium; an advanced form of periodontal disease with a discharge of pus and loosening of the teeth in their sockets 

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